Rights in Russia has developed a target annual budget of £95,330. This consists of the target funding for each of our four projects, plus additional administrative costs of £1,690.

We wish to raise funds for each of our four projects as follows: 

1) Human Rights in Russia: providing news, views and analysis about human rights in Russia, including translations of articles by Russian human rights defenders, and articles by experts living outside Russia; target annual funding: £26,100.

2) in English: publishing translations from Russia's premier human rights website,; target annual funding: £50,810.

3) Internet Freedom in Russia: publishing translations produced in the course of a project by Agora Human Rights Association to monitor and protect freedom of the Internet in Russia today; target annual funding: £10,800.

4) Human Rights Groups in Russia: providing information from and about human rights groups in Russia; target annual funding: £10,320

If you would like to support our work with a donation, either for general support or for one of our projects, please contact Katya Shemelina at